New in Mouf: a console!

Mouf has always be (and will always be) about having a nice graphical interface to perform development tasks (mostly dependency injection related, but not only...)

Still, there are many cases where a command line tool can be invaluable: on a production server, or on a test environment, we need a command-line interface to be able to automate deployment tasks. So far, Mouf did not offer an out-of-the-box solution for these needs. This is now solved, thanks to the new mouf/util.console package.

Not invented here: Behind the since, this is simply the Symfony console that has been very slightly tweaked to be easily usable from Mouf using dependency injection. This means you can create a classical Symfony command, get an instance of it and drag'n'drop it into the "console" instance, and you're good to go. Thanks a lot to Symfony folks for there huge console component, it rocks!