You want to help making Mouf a better framework, with more cool features? There are many ways you can contribute! You could provide additional packages, talk about Mouf in your blog or submit improved documentation. Also, if you are a hard-core PHP guru, you can directly provide some help in the core of Mouf.

The first thing you might want to do is to subscribe to the Google Group.

Writing additional packages

At the core of Mouf, there is the dependency injection system and web-based UI. Mouf in itself is quite small. It is the packages around Mouf that make Mouf a powerful framework. You will find a number of packages already available in Mouf: a database abstraction layer, an MVC framework, loggers, components to integrate with Drupal, etc...

You can write your own, it is as easy as writing a PHP composer package! Just read the documentation and get started developing your package.

Contributing to Mouf core

Before contributing to Mouf core, please make sure your contribution would not be best fitted in a package. As a rule of thumb, if you are contributing some code relative to dependency injection, Mouf core is the right place. Otherwise, it would probably be best located in an external package.

This being said, we gladly accept any help! Mouf is open-source and there is a reason for that: we strongly believe that by gathering a community around Mouf, we can make it a better framework. So even if the framework was started by TheCodingMachine and is supported by TheCodingMachine, we do accept any external contribution. You do not need to be part of TheCodingMachine to be a commiter in Mouf, so do not hesitate to send us pull-requests, we love those!

And we don't believe in such bullshits as "clean-IP". The more people, the better the framework! Come and join us!