Announcing Mouf 2.1 first beta release

Today, I'm really proud to announce the first beta release of Mouf 2.1.

This first beta release only adds one feature... but a major one.

Starting with Mouf 2.1, the Mouf container is compiled!

This means that when Mouf is instantiating a new object, instead of looking in the MoufComponents.php array how to build the object, it will directly execute PHP code that generates the object. This is obviously faster!

A quick note about the details:

  • The code for the container is written in the mouf/no_commit/GeneratedContainer.php file. As the name of the directory implies, this file should not be commited. It will be automatically generated if the MoufComponents.php file is changed.
  • The container is compiled thanks to Yaco, a container-interop compliant container compiler that we wrote. Yaco is independent from Mouf. It could be used by any other container out there to provide compilation support.

Internally, some packages have been upgraded. We are now using Splash 7 instead of Splash 4 for the MVC part and more is coming.

In the coming months, more features will be added to Mouf 2.1, with a planned support for container-interop's service-provider. Stay tuned!