Dependency injection... on steroids!

In the heart of Mouf lies an advanced Dependency Injection framework. But lo and behold! All configuration is done graphically!

Graphical user interface

Mouf offers a web-based interface to configure your application. And you can even extend this interface with your own packages.

A full framework

The core of Mouf is a dependency injection library, but Mouf comes with a complete set of packages ranging from MVC framework to database ORM. Read more...

Nice with other frameworks

Mouf is flexible. You can use what you like in it, and integrates parts of it with Symfony 2, Zend Framework, Drupal, or the technology you like.

Cross CMS

Thanks to Druplash, you can write your application the "MVC" way, and deploy it directly into Drupal. Finally, you can have the best of a CMS and a next-gen MVC framework at the same place. Read more...

Self analysis

Mouf relies heavily on introspection, and shares this with the developer. Mouf offers self-diagnostics on your code, to help you pinpoint common problems quickly and efficiently. Read more...
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