Mouf + Wordpress = Love

Today, I am really thrilled to announce Moufpress: a MVC framework for Wordpress.

Mouf + Wordpress = Moufpress

Why should I care?

Moufpress is a bridge between Wordpress and Splash (the MVC framework designed for Mouf).

So you have this Wordpress website, and you want to get serious and start some real development? With object-oriented design patterns? With real controllers instantiated by a kicking-ass DI container? Then Moufpress is for you!

MoufPress offers the following features:

Another interesting feature is that your code is 100% compatible with Splash MVC. This means that:

  • You can write a controller in Splash MVC and deploy it later in Wordpress (or the opposite)
  • Since there is also a Drupal module for Splash (Druplash), you can actually write a controller in Wordpress and deploy it in Drupal (or the other way around). Yes, you read it correctly, you can develop an application that will run on both Wordpress and Drupal (!)

Haha! I see you're interested. Want to get started? Follow the guide!