Announcing Mouf 1.0 - Mouf's first stable release

Hi guys! I'm really thrilled to announce the first stable release of Mouf: v1.0. We have been working on Mouf for several years now, and achieving the 1.0 milestone has been our main objective for 3 years. In 3 years, Mouf has gone from a pet project to a complete eco-system, entirely based on graphical dependency injection. Using Mouf, we have managed to prove that dependency injection can be used much more widely than any other project would have. With a typical Mouf project containing between 100 and 1000 injected instances, we made the dependency injection design-pattern a useful companion instead of a painful woe. With many projects running Mouf on production servers, this release is considered stable, and opens the way to the development of Mouf 2. So where is heading Mouf? Well, the next version will be even more graphical, with drag'n'drop instances support, and we will put a stronger focus in interaction between Mouf and other frameworks/libraries. So I'm talking to you, PSR-0, Composer, Zend2 and Symfony2.... Be warned, here we come! (more on the future of Mouf to come in a later post)
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