Announcing Mouf 0.9 - First official release of Mouf

We are proud to announce the first officiel release of Mouf. Labelled Mouf v0.9, you can download it from the download page. Why did we start with version 0.9? Even if there has been no official release of Mouf yet, Mouf has been in development for more than 3 years. Actually, some packages in Mouf have been started 6 years ago! So it deserves better than a simple "alpha" release, or v0.1 release. Mouf is already in use in many websites, so it is definitely stable enough for production. Still we will not label this release "1.0", because we want to get some feedback from the community before doing so. So far, Mouf has been the work of TheCodingMachine. It was clear from the start that Mouf was an open-source framework, but so far, we have not communicated much about it, nor have we built a community around the framework. This is what we want to do with this for official "0.9" release. Get some feedback from the community (or even better some people interested enough to join us) and obviously build the best framework ever! We hope you will enjoy this first release. Do not hesitate to give us any feedback on the mailing list:
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