Announcing Packanalyst - a PHP packages analyzer

Hey all,

We are very happy to announce the first release (in beta) of Packanalyst, a tool that scans and references all the interfaces / classes stored in any package from Packagist.

Packanalyst is a by-product of Mouf.

It can be tremendously useful for any package developer. Indeed, using Packanalyst, you can find any package containing classes that implement/extend or simply use your classes/interfaces.

It also will be very useful for Mouf developers: Mouf is a dependency injection framework whose aim is to ease the binding of PHP packages together. Packanalyst is a tool that help you find the classes that implement an interface. So for instance, if you need to drag'n'drop a PSR-3 compatible logger in one of your classes, you can get the full list of PSR-3 compatible loggers in Packanalyst.

In the future, Mouf will integrate results of Packanalyst directly into Mouf UI. This means that you will be able to "drag'n'drop" any class from any package of Packagist into your application, and Mouf will handle the package installation via Composer, and the class binding. Mouf will therefore become a framework that proactively encourages its users to import packages from other sources! No more reinventing the wheel, hooray! :)