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Installing UserService

  • Add UserService to your project:

    • Add the following link in your composer.json: "mouf/security.userservice": "2.0.*"

          "require": {
              "mouf/mouf": "~2.0",
              "mouf/database.tdbm": "~3.1",
              "mouf/security.userservice": "2.0.*"
          "minimum-stability": "dev" 

      Please note: we are also installing TDBM. This will be used later in order to store/access users in database.

    • Install the package:

      php composer.phar update
    • After install, log in Mouf interface http://[your_server]/[your_project]/vendor/mouf/mouf/, you should have this kind of display:

    Install user service

    • You can see all pending installation tasks through YourProject/vendor/mouf/mouf/installer (or in the Packages=>Installation tasks menu) or by clicking "Run install tasks" button in the status page:

    Install user service

    • Click on "Run the x pending install task" green button to proceed the installation

      • Installation create a userService instance of the UserService class in your Mouf Project
    • UserService is not yet ready to be used. We need to configure it.

But first, we need to plug the UserService in a UserDao that will fetch users from database.

Configuration : Preparing the UserDao

Read meConfigure the project

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