Configure the projectUserService - Quick Example

Congigure UserService Instance

In Mouf, open the page for the userService instance:

Configure UserService

  1. loginPageUrl: Path to the login page relative to the root URL of the application
  2. userDao: The Dao the userService must refers to
  3. authenticationListener: a list of object that will be notified when a user logs in or out. Used by RightService.
  4. redirectParameter: Path to the page if a user tries to access a page that requires to be logged

Basic usage

Ok, the user service is now ready to be used.

Log a user in your application:

Mouf::getUserService()->login("email", "password");

Check if a user is logged:

$isLogged = Mouf::getUserService()->isLogged();

Get the current user:

$user = Mouf::getUserService()->getLoggedUser();

Logout a user:

$user = Mouf::getUserService()->logoff();

Now, you have to possibilities:

Make your own login page : Quick example

Use the SimpleLoginController : SimpleLogincontroller

Configure the projectUserService - Quick Example

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