Whoops middleware for StackPHP

This package contains a StackPHP middleware that catches all exceptions and redirects those to the Whoops error handling library.


Through Composer as mouf/whoops-stackphp.


Simply use the WhoopsMiddleWare class in your middleware stack:

use Whoops\StackPhp\WhoopsMiddleWare;

$router = new WhoopsMiddleWare(
    new MyOtherRouter(
        new YetAnotherRouter()));

If an exception is thrown, or an error is raised, Whoops will display a nice error message:

Sample error screen

The WhoopsMiddleWare constructor accepts 3 parameters:

public function __construct(HttpKernelInterface $router, $catchExceptions = true, $catchErrors = true);
  • $router: this is the next router to be called on the Stack
  • $catchExceptions: Set to true to catch exception. Set to false to ignore exceptions (for production servers)
  • $catchErrors: Set to true to catch raised errors. Set to false to ignore raised errors (for production servers)

Note: $catchExceptions and $catchErrors can be passed a boolean, a callable (that returns a boolean) or a ConditionInterface that evaluates to true or false.

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