What is this package

This package contains a PSR-3 compliant composite logger class.

In practice, this class does not log anything but delegates logging to one or many PSR-3 compliant loggers. This is useful when you want to call multiple loggers at one.


composer require mouf/utils.log.psr.multi-logger


Simply pass an array of loggers to the multi-logger:

$logger1 = new MyLogger();
$logger2 = new AnotherLogger();

$multiLogger = new Mouf\Utils\Log\Psr\MultiLogger([ $logger1, $logger2 ]);

You can also add loggers using the addLogger method:

$logger1 = new MyLogger();
$logger2 = new AnotherLogger();

$multiLogger = new Mouf\Utils\Log\Psr\MultiLogger();

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