Graphics image preset displayer

What is this package

This package is used to resize/modify images dynamically on a website. It requires Mouf and Apache as a web-server.

How does it work?

You store the images to be resized/transformed in a directory. For instance: images/original. You would normally access those images like this: http://[myserver]/[myapp]/images/original/test.png. Instead, using this package, you can access http://[myserver]/[myapp]/images/small/test.png.

If the test.png image does not exist in the small directory, it will be automatically resized, and stored in that directory (thanks to a .htaccess file stored in the small directory). Once the image has been generated, the image will be served statically. Therefore, the cost of resizing the image is only paid once, the first time the image is accessed.

This package is very similar to the way the image_cache module works in Drupal.

How to use it

First, start by creating an instance of the StaticImageDisplayer class.

The most important properties are:

  • initialImageFilter: this is a pointer to an object representing the source image.
  • imageSource: this is a pointer to an object representing the transformed image.
  • savePath: the directory where the resized images will be saved.
  • basePath: the directory where the original images are stored.

sample StaticImageDisplayer instance

Compulsory The initialImageFilter property must be filled with an instance of MoufImageFromFile. For your convenience, you might name this instance sourceImage. The path property of the sourceImage should remain empty. It will be filled on runtime, when an image is requested.

sourceImage instance

Finally, the most important part. The imageSource property points to an instance of a class implementing the MoufImageInterface. In our case, we are looking to reduce the image size. We will therefore use the MoufImageResize class that resizes an image. Here, we could put any valid transformation provided by the mouf.image package.


Everything is set up. We just need one additional thing. We need to write the .htaccess that will automatically call the StaticImageDisplayer if an image is not found. Hopefully, the StaticImageDisplayer class provides a utility function for this, directly accessible from the Mouf UI.

In your StaticImageDisplayer instance, just click on the "Generate .htaccess" button.

Generate .htaccess

The .htaccess should be generated. You are now ready to test image resizing. Put an image in your basePath folder and try to access it from the savePath URL. You should see the image resized.

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