Mouf validators

This package contains typical validators to be used in your application. A validator is a class that decides whether a string is valid or not and implements the ValidatorInterface.

The ValidatorInterface is part of this package.

For instance, you could use an EmailValidator to validate that a string is a mail, etc...

List of embedded validators

  • RequiredValidator: validates a value is not empty
  • NumericValidator: validates a value is a number (optionnally an integer)
  • EmailValidator: validates an email address
  • URLValidator: validates a URL (starting with http://, https:// or ftp://)
  • MaxMinRangeValidator: validates a value is between 2 bounds
  • MaxMinRangeLengthValidator: validates a string length is between 2 bounds
  • SiretValidator: validates a value is a valid SIRET number (French company id)

Javascript validation

If the validator implements the JsValidatorInterface, it provides the code to be run both in PHP and in Javascript. This means you can use this validator to generate Javascript code that validates any value.


The validators in the packet rely in Fine for translating validation error messages.

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