Doctrine's Cache for Mouf framework

Provides an install script for Doctrine's Cache system in Mouf Framework.

Content of the package

This package contains an install script that provides a Doctrine's Cache instance in a Mouf project, and a wrapper that makes Doctrine cache system compatible with Mouf cache system.

The Mouf instance of the Doctrine cache driver is called defaultDoctrineCache.

By default, it is configured as the following:

  • If debug mode is true (constant DEBUG=true is config.php), then an ArrayCache is used. Therefore, the cache is purged after each request.
  • If debug mode is false, a APCCache. If APC is not installed, we fallback to a FileCache.

The package also creates a doctrineMoufCache instance that is a wrapper around the defaultDoctrineCache that provides compatibility with the Mouf cache system.

The wrapper

This package contains the DoctrineCacheAdapter class. This class can be used to transform any instance of a Doctrine cache into a cache that is compatible with Mouf.

This is very convenient, especially because any Mouf cache can be purged using the red "Purge button" in the Mouf UI.


To install the package, just add its latest version to your composer.json (see the package in the packagist website) adn run the php composer.phar update.

Then in Mouf validation process, a new task should be marked as To run, launch the installation process and you will have your defaultDoctrineCache instance ready to use !

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