UserService - Quick Example

Activate the Remember Me feature (through cookie)

If you want users to be remembered on you application, it is quite easy. All you have to do is :

  1. create a RememberMeAuthProvider instance (let's call it rememberMeAuthProvider).
  2. implement the RememberMeProviderInterface in your project and link it to the rememberMeAuthProvider instance. Generally, you may use the same userDao instance you have linked to the userService (see Congigure UserService Instance)
  3. link the rememberMeAuthProvider instance to the userService one as both authProviders and authenticationListeners.

Steps in detail :

1. Create a RememberMeAuthProvider instance

rememberMeAuthProvider instance

This instance is bound to:

  • a RememberMeProviderInterface (see stpe 2) that should be implement two methods : getUserByRememberMeToken($token) that will return a UserInterface object corresponding to the given $token, and setUserRememberMeToken(UserInterface $user, $token) that will set (a&nd persist) the token for a given user.
  • a ConditionInterface that will tell when the Remember Me feature should be activated. This depends on your project, but you often will do it by a "remember me" checkbox in you login form. If you want it to be active no matter what, just set a TrueCondition instance.

2. implement the RememberMeProviderInterface

You may usually use the same instance you bound to the userService.userDao. Here is an implementation example

 * Identify the current user by the "remember me" cookie if exists
 * @param UserServiceInterface $userService
 * @return UserInterface
public function getUserByRememberMeToken($token){
    $userInfo = \Mouf::getUserInfoDao()->getByRememberMeToken($token);
    if ($userInfo){
        return $userInfo->getUser();
    return null;

 * Sets the "remember me" cookie value into the user
 * @param UserInterface $user
 * @param string $token
function setUserRememberMeToken(UserInterface $user, $token){
    /* @var $user UserBean */
    $userInfo = $user->getInfo();

3. link the rememberMeAuthProvider instance to the userService

rememberMeAuthProvider instance

That's it, you're done !

Integrate the "remember me" feature to the SimpleLoginController

You also may plug this feature to the Simple Login Controller, lean more about it here : SimpleLogincontroller - Intergrate the UserService.RememberMe feature

UserService - Quick Example

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