Advanced: configuring routing

Migrating from Splash 4

In order to upgrade from Splash 4 to Splash 5, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Update "mouf/mvc.splash" version to "~5.0" in your composer.json file.
  • Run php composer.phar update
  • Connect to Mouf UI (http://localhost/[yourproject]/vendor/mouf/mouf)
  • Click on Instances > View declared instances
  • Look for the "splash" instance.
  • Click on it, then click on the "Delete" button
  • Click on Project > Installation tasks
  • There are 2 install tasks for "mouf/mvc.splash". Locate those in the table.
  • Click on the Reinstall button for both tasks.

You are done. Enjoy the new features!

Advanced: configuring routing

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