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Create a Mouf2 Package

Should I build a package?

Before diving into the technical details packages declaration, we might want to ask what a package is and why we might want to build one. A package is a reusable set of classes. Therefore, you should build a package if you are developing a set of classes that you will be using later, in another project. There is no need to group your components in a package if they are specific to your web-application. If your classes are specific to your project, our advice would be to use Composer's autoloader mechanism to load your classes.

Packages overview

In Mouf2, packages are completely based on Composer. Therefore, in order to build a package, the first thing you might want to do is to learn how Composer packages are working. However, Mouf2 provides a special kind of Composer packages. You might want to use these special features if you want to set-up an installer for your package. You can setup graphical installers (web-based installers using the Mouf user interface), or silent installers (that usually create default instances based on your classes).

Configuration managementWriting a validator

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