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Building a controller and a view for Joomla

We will not describe the whole process of creating a controller and a view in the Moufla documentation. Indeed, Moufla is just a compatibility layer on top of the Splash MVC framework. Therefore, you can simply refer to the Splash MVC video tutorial to get started.

Integrating with Joomla theme

When you run Moufla's installer, a joomlaTemplate instance will be created. This instance represents the current Joomla theme. Therefore, calling $joomlaTemplate->toHtml() will trigger the display of the Joomla theme. If you do not call this method, the Joomla theme will not be displayed and anything outputed will be directly sent to the browser. This is a fairly easy way to do some Ajax since you won't be polluted by the Joomla theme at all.

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