For application developers

What is this package?

This package contains the rendering mechanism used in Mouf to render objects in HTML.

For application developers

You are an application developer? Learn how to use the rendering system with PHP files or Twig templates to render your objects or overload renderers provided by packages.

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For package developers

You are a package developer? Learn how to use the rendering system to allow other users to overload your renderers easily.

Mouf package

This package is part of Mouf (, an effort to ensure good developing practices by providing a graphical dependency injection framework.

Basically, you will find in this package some Renderers. These are classes in charge of rendering other objects. They usually rely on template files, that contain the HTML to be rendered. Renderers can be chained, and the first renderer that knows how to render an object will be in charge of the rendering.


Your template or a custom template is not apply.

  • Purge the cache with the red button in mouf.
  • You use Ajax and you return html with echo (for example BCE).
    • By default an echo don't apply the template to make it
      • add the defaultRenderer (a class of Mouf\Html\Renderer\AutoChainRenderer) in your class
      • add your templateRenderer (a class of Mouf\Html\Renderer\FileBasedRenderer) in Bootstrap this is bootstrapRenderer
      • add the code before your call to the function toHTML: $this->defaultRenderer->setTemplateRenderer($this->templateRenderer);
For application developers

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