A quick comparison with DoctrineTDBM internals

Migrating to TDBM 4.3

TDBM 4.3 changes considerably the way the TDBMService instance is configured since it features a brand new Configuration class. Hopefully, a new installer will smoothly migrate old installs to new one.

When migrating from a TDBM <=4.2 release, simply run the Mouf installer to update TDBM bindings.

Also, TDBM 4.3 adds PHP 7.1 specific type-hints like nullable types or void return types. If you extend some methods in your DAOs and beans from base DAOs and beans, you will have adapt the methods signatures.

Migrating to TDBM 4

TDBM 4 is almost a complete rewrite compared to TDBM 3.x. More than 90% of the code has been rewritten.

The philosophy of TDBM stays the same (write table, generate DAOs and Beans, auto-discover links). However, the details are different in many ways, so if you plan to migrate from TDBM 3, you will have to rewrite a big part of your database access code.

Below is a short list of the biggest changes:

  • New beans are instantiated directly.
  • DaoInterface has been deprecated and removed. There is no more create method in the DAOs.
  • There are no more getters and setters for foreign key ids. Instead, you can use the getters and setters of beans directly.
  • All TDBM xxxFilters have been removed. They are replaced by pure SQL and the "magic parameters" mechanism.
  • Many to many relationships are automatically detected. Pivot tables no more generate beans and DAOs.
  • Returned results are now objects that can be iterated. They implement the porpaginas interface: pagination is done on the result set rather than when calling the getObjects/findObjects method. As a result, the real query is performed when the result is first iterated and not when the getObjects/findObjects method is called.
  • Many methods have been renamed:
    • getObjects => find
    • getObject => findOne
    • getList => findAll
  • Inheritance is automatically detected in tables and generates beans with inheritance
A quick comparison with DoctrineTDBM internals

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