Internationalisation with FINE

After installation, you can use the interface.

Using interface

Create a translation

This interface can be use to add, edit or delete a translation. You can access to this interface with the menu HTML -> Fine -> Manage Translation. Fine install menu screenshot

On this interface there is a button to add a new translation. Fine install interface screenshot

A modal appears, in the title input you can set your fine key, in this example it's "test.key". Select you language, for example english and add it ith the "add" button. Fine install new translation screenshot

Enter a message in the text zone. And click on the "Save all Translations" button. Fine install message screenshot

In this page you can see your translation. Fine install display screenshot

The top right select is to diplay the language at the bottom of the modal. With this translation you can easily translate all message. Fine install translation screenshot

Edit translation

To edit a translation click on the key or directly on the translation. You can add a new language with the "add" tab in the modal.

Remove a translation

You can remove a translation with the cross on the language. After you can validate to remove only this language Fine install remove translation screenshot

To remove the full key, click on the bottom button "remove key" and validate it. Fine install remove key screenshot


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