In your code, you can use the functions. There are bind automatically to the defaultTranslationService:

  • iMsg function: Return the translation of the key, parameters (in option) and LanguageDetection (in option)
  • eMsg function: Do an echo of iMsg


$string = iMsg('mykey', array('parameter1' => 'value'));
eMsg('mykey', array('parameter1' => 'value'));

The messagethe key mykey is: "A test with {parameter1}"

It's possible to add an instance of LanguageDetectionInterface (for exemple to change the language in the middle of your code). Example: In this controller you have bind an instance of LanguageDetetionInterface named $fixEnglishLanguage So you can call the function with

iMsg('myKey', array('parameter1' => 'value'), $this->fixEnglishLanguage);

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