Writing controllers and views

Scripts and styles integration

By default, Joomla uses the $document->addScript and $document->addStyleSheet methods to handle CSS and JS files.

In Mouf, on the other hand, scripts and styles are handled using WebLibraries.

When you use Moufla, you can use both techniques to add JS and CSS files to your pages.

One important thing: Web libraries are used on pages managed by Moufla only. On pages managed by Joomla (a Joomla post, the home page, etc...) web libraries will be ignored. Therefore:

  • If you want to add JS/CSS on all pages of your Joomla site, including the pages not managed by Moufla, you should do this the Joomla way.
  • If on the other hand, you want some JS and CSS specifically on the dynamic pages handled by Moufla' controllers, you should declare a web library.

Using Web libraries in Moufla

We will not cover the use of web libraries in this documentation. If you want to learn how to use we libraries, please refer to the web libraries documentation.

Writing controllers and views

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