A quick comparison with DoctrineTDBM internals

Migrating to TDBM 4

TDBM 4 is almost a complete rewrite compared to TDBM 3.x. More than 90% of the code has been rewritten.

The philosophy of TDBM stays the same (write table, generate DAOs and Beans, auto-discover links). However, the details are different in many ways, so if you plan to migrate from TDBM 3, you will have to rewrite a big part of your database access code.

Below is a short list of the biggest changes:

  • New beans are instantiated directly.
  • DaoInterface has been deprecated and removed. There is no more create method in the DAOs.
  • There are no more getters and setters for foreign key ids. Instead, you can use the getters and setters of beans directly.
  • All TDBM xxxFilters have been removed. They are replaced by pure SQL and the "magic parameters" mechanism.
  • Many to many relationships are automatically detected. Pivot tables no more generate beans and DAOs.
  • Returned results are now objects that can be iterated. They implement the porpaginas interface: pagination is done on the result set rather than when calling the getObjects/findObjects method. As a result, the real query is performed when the result is first iterated and not when the getObjects/findObjects method is called.
  • Many methods have been renamed:
    • getObjects => find
    • getObject => findOne
    • getList => findAll
  • Inheritance is automatically detected in tables and generates beans with inheritance
A quick comparison with DoctrineTDBM internals

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